Dealing With Stress

Calm down with Rosemary’s hypnotherapy.

Do you think that cave-men were stress-free? Of course they weren't. They had every reason to be stressed. It was for their own protection. Stress is a component of the natural "Fight or Flight" response. It's a natural and healthy part of life. We just don't need too much of it.

Too much stress can have a detrimental affect on our lives, and these days, many people are far too stressed for their own good. if you're one of these people, I can help you.

I'll help you to set up a plan to:

1. Reduce or eliminate negative stress in your life.

2. Incorporate new responses to stress.

3. Become a calmer, more effective and healthier person.

4. Protect yourself from outside stressors.

How can I do this?

Using hypnosis, I can help you to "program" a new response to old stimulii. You'll learn new ways of dealing with stressors, so that you can shrug them off effortlessly. You'll wonder why they ever bothered you in the first place.

I will teach you how to relax your entire body quickly and easily. You'll be surprised that you can do this, and it will make a big difference to your life.

I'll give you control over your emotions, because if these are suppressed, then you'll feel that in your body. So, I'll show you effective ways of releasing all those "bottled-up" feelings.


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