Quit smoking...permanently.

You can stop smoking for good!

Are you really committed to giving up the smokes? Can you do it? If you follow my guidance, you really can! When you change your way of thinking through hypnosis, you'll find it easier to change your habits as well. You deserve to be a non-smoker. You were born that way, and smoking is nothing more than a bad habit that you've learned along the way. I can help you un-learn it.

Some facts about smoking:

1. Although nicotine has a stimulating affect on the nervous system, it is classified as a poison.

2. The fact that smoking is harmful to health is an established fact.

3. Anyone can stop smoking. It's an acquired habit, and habits can be conquered.

4. Ex-smokers testify that after giving up smoking they sleep better, no longer suffer from nausia or heartburn, they have no throat irritation, they feel healthier and are less tense.

5. Some people are afraid to stop smoking, thinking they will gain weight. There is no truth in that belief.

I can help you to stop smoking quickly and easily. I do this by getting you to recognise the times when you want to have a cigarette, and showing you how to distract yourself from that thought.

I will teach you how to reduce your stress levels, and your cravings. You'll learn effective techniques that will allow you to enjoy your life without needing to rely on cigarettes. You'll also take home with you, a CD that's been especially produced to reinforce the things I've suggested to you. You can use this as often as you feel the need.

You will incorporate into your life new patterns of behaviour that will really set you free and give you a fresh, new outlook on things. You'll never look back!

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