Is your life being ruined by fears or phobias?


Can hypnosis really help to overcome my fears?

Yes it can! Let's say that you were terrified of lightning. You believed it was going to strike you. You can't explain why, because nothing bad has ever happened to you when there's been lightning around, but it makes you panic just to think of it.

Through hypnosis. it's possible to by-pass that critical part of your conscious mind, and go directly to your belief system and alter that. Then you accept the new information as being true, and you wouldn't be anywhere near as scared any more, but of course you'd still exercise reasonable care, as everyone should.

It doesn't mean that a hypnotherapist can tell lies and have you believe them. Rather, that the beliefs you held (for example, lightning going to strike you), were not true in the first place.

This then, is like changing the existing software on your computer. The new belief becomes an integral part of your belief system, so that when outside information is compared, it matches!

Hypnosis can open this pathway to your subconscious mind, and establish "acceptable selective thinking". This means that new and powerful suggestions can be accepted, and you're then freed of any barriers that may have been holding you back. Conscious thought alone can not achieve this outcome.

You need to realise that negative beliefs produce negative responses, and through hypnosis, your beliefs can be altered. So if you're struggling with a particular issue, hypnosis may be the solution for you.

Phobias are actually a form of anxiety. In fact, they're the most common form of anxiety disorder. A recent study by the National Institute of Mental Health (in America) found that between 5.1 and 21.5 percent of Americans suffer from phobias.

Broken down by age and gender, the study found that phobias were the most common mental illness among women in all age groups and the second most common illness among men older than 25. It's safe to assume similar numbers in other western developed countries too.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is my fear taking up a lot of my time, and do I think about it often?

2. Is my fear forcing me to do things the hard way?

3. Is my fear forcing me to avoid certain situations?

4. Is my fear affecting relationships in my life?

5. Is my fear affecting me physically? For example, do my hands shake? do I get headaches etc?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you.

I will work with you so that you understand the nature of your fears, and I'll teach you strategies that will enable you to confront your fears with courage and confidence.

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