You really must get around to being motivated

Get yourself motivated!Well, you've probably noticed that it's hard to get fired up about things these days. You've probably being meaning to get around to lots of things, but just haven't got around to them yet, or you really can't be bothered. You tell yourself that you just need some time to get your head sorted out a bit first, then you'll be able to commit to doing all those things.

Wouldn't it be great if a big bag of motivation just fell out of the sky? Your whole life could change then, and you would be so motivated, it would be incredible!

Until it does though, you need to find a way to motivate yourself to do the things you know need doing. What can you do? If there was some sort of 'reward" at the end, do you think you might be prepared to look at it?

OK, well, there is a reward. It's called satisfaction... better self-esteem...more self-confidence and even pride in yourself.

First though, you have to take the first step and actually want to do something about your lack of motivation, and you guessed it, that's where I come in.

I can get you motivated. I'm not like a football coach or a Olympic trainer, but I know what causes you to lack motivation, and it's nothing other than your "mind-set", or your attitude towards yourself and the things around you.

I also know you only have one life, so you'd better start enjoying it, and I can really help you do that.

So, you can put everything else off if you like, but please don't put off calling me to arrange an appointment. It really is time for a pleasant change in your life.


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