Just Can't Get to Sleep?

Can’t Sleep? I can help you.

When you're in bed, your body should begin to relax, and your mind should let go of the problems and events of the day. Stop for a moment and think what your mind does when you try to sleep.

Think about all the thoughts that go though your mind. Do you keep going over and things, trying to make sure everything you had on your list for the day is completed? Do you wonder if you've forgotten something?Do you worry about what might happen tomorrow?

If you have trouble sleeping, you probably fall into one of these categories, (when you should be falling into sleep).

The Clock-Watcher

"Oh no! it's 2:30am, and I'm still awake. I'll going to so tired tomorrow. How am I going to get through the day?"

The Dooms-Dayer

"This is hopeless! What a waste of time. I'm completely exhausted. Life is just one problem after another. Now, sleeping is another problem to add to my list".

The Fixer

"I guess I could say that it wasn't really my fault. Maybe if I call Bill, he could help. Then I could go over to the hardware store and pick up the door and....etc. 

The Worrier

"What if this happens? What if I'm late? What will Bob do if I can't meet him on time? This is all too much really!"

Sound familiar?

If so, I can show you how to re-program your mental activities so that your mind is calm and peaceful before you go to sleep. When it's time for you to rest, your body and mind will be at ease, and you'll then be able to drift off to sleep, just the way you were meant to.

Your sub-conscious mind will accept my suggestions that you will find it easy to sleep, and that you'll sleep well, waking in the morning feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to greet a perfect new day.

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