Do You Suffer From Depression?

Hypnosis can help with depression.

The symptoms of depression can be physical, psychological or emotional. Sufferers may experince these sypmtoms separately or simultaneously. In order to understand depression a little better, here are some interesting points:

Depression can be genetic, or even surface in certain family personality types, so it can run in families.

Grief and loss, or chronic stress can lead to depression. Traumatic events, for example, the loss of job, house, or an injury may lead to depression.

Low self-esteem and low confidence, and even chronic pain can contribute to depression. Alcohol and drug abuse can cause chemical imbalances in the brain, leading to depression.

Similarly, changes to hormone levels, as happens in menopause or child-birth, can trigger depression.

Importantly, chronic levels of negative thinking, can affect brain chemistry. Constantly focussing on painful past events of your life is a common factor in people with depression. 

A New Plan For You

I can help you set up a new plan to meet the following objectives:

1. To change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

2. To learn to repond to things differently in your life.

3. To be happier, calmer, more relaxed and heathier.

4. To build a positive outlook for your future, so that your life can be joyful, and you can feel good about yourself and those around you.

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