Say Goodbye to Alcohol - Forever!

You can stop drinking alcohol through hypnosis.

The first thing you need to realise about drinking alcohol is that it's absolutely, positively not your friend. You might enjoy it, but when it becomes something you need, then you really ought to stop.

You may drink because you think it relaxes you, or maybe your a little lonely, even bored, but if you've sensed that it's starting to interfere with your life, then it's definitely time to call it quits.

You know, there are lots of other things to do apart from drinking alcohol. One of the best things to do is find something else to do that's going to distract you from the thought of having a drink.

Why not make a list of all the things you could be doing that would take your mind off alcohol? You'd be surprised how many there are, no matter what your personal situation is.

Here are some interesting points to think about.

1. Although alcohol may appear to relax you, it doesn't really. You just think it does.

I hear you saying... Aha! That's all that matters! Well, that's true to some extent. But I can change the way you think about alchohol, and if you want to stop drinking, that's what really matters!

2. You're probably looking at this because you recognise you're starting to drink too much, and it's starting to be problematic, or you know someone who's drinking is causing you concern. Either way, I can help.

3. Drinking is simply a habit that can be broken. Just like eating (a habit that prevents weight loss) and smoking, your drinking is a sub-conscious thing that you just haven't paid enough attention to. If you focus on giving it up, you can and you will.

4. Alcohol will get you in the end. One way or another, one day you're going to wish you'd had less of it.

Apart from the fact that it's expensive, it's also very bad for your health. Alcohol kills a lot of people. Please don't be one of them.

5. If you're afraid to stop drinking, I can help you.

6. You need to be prepared to give up alcohol. If you are, I can show you ways of distracting yourself from it, and feeling really good about yourself without it.

7. You'll look and feel better, be healthier, clear headed and you'll also have some spare money that you can spend on something worthwhile.

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